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BLSC Suggestions for Promoting to Students

This study aimed to reveal how the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University can better promote itself to students. Data from a survey sent out to current Purdue students was analyzed to create specific and practical recommendations for the Brian Lamb School of Communication. An explanation of the instrument used and the quantitative data analyses are provided, as well as a discussion section which includes qualitative data analysis.

Crisis Communication Response Paper

Commonly known as “the Valentine’s Day Massacre,” Marjory Stoneman Douglas was targeted by an active shooter on February 14, 2018. Many failures on the part of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office directly led to several deaths, and yet, the department failed to respond appropriately to the crisis. This paper analyzes the Broward County Sheriff’s Office’s response and offers suggestions on what the department could have done to better communicate with the community after the tragedy.